First Aid in the Community Training (FACT)

In partnership with the British Red Cross Society this project will provide First Aid training and accreditation for local community groups. Initially members of the organisation will be trained as First Aid Instructors who will then impact the acquired knowledge and skills to wider communities in Merseyside in the form of training for voluntary organisations and education providers at no cost to the public. In order to sustain skills development within the project the organisation will also provide a mentorship programme improving skills and building confidence among fellow trainees.

Working in partnership to reduce racism

Redeemer Aid UK hopes to reduce racism and other forms of discrimination by working with youth service providers and community groups to provide a forum to discuss issues through seminars, workshops, publications or through community-based projects that celebrate diversity and increase tolerance between people of different ethnic and social backgrounds.

Community Safety

Redeemer Aid UK will liaise and engage in regular dialogue with emergency services and community organisations to organise seminars and workshops on specific issues such as drug abuse, smoking, binge drinking, racism, tolerance, education and respect. This is aimed at reducing crime and maintaining community cohesion.

Soup Kitchen (to come)

Redeemer Aid UK plans to support the development of food services for the homeless, unemployed, and destitute across Merseyside. It will do this by liaising with existing providers and looking at how Redeemer Aid UK can meet gaps in current provision. It is anticipated that Redeemer Aid will run a mobile soup kitchen that will visit people and communities in need at least twice a week to offer free soup, bread, fruits and other basic food items. First Aid services will run alongside the soup kitchen to provide basic wound dressing, information about safe administration of medication and basic first aid as well as social interaction and time to talk about any personal concerns/issues that can be signposted to the appropriate agencies for redress.