Redeemer Aid UK Launch in Liverpool, UK, 04/02/09

Redeemer Aid UK was formally launched as a Charity on 04/02/09 at the Fairfield Police Club in Kensington so as to introduce the charity and it activities to residents and other organisations in the area.
Redeemer Aid UK aims to enable residents of Liverpool to both participate in and change society, and to improve the lives of all by providing community based, accessible, relevant and accredited training, including First Aid training and mentoring opportunities for local people, members of voluntary organisations and education providers at no cost to the public. Working in the most deprived areas, engaging the most hard to reach groups and providing them with free, high-quality and relevant skills and opportunities the organisation supports people that are not currently in employment, education or training. Training venues are based in the most deprived wards in the city with a view to increasing opportunities for residents to participate in the community.

The charity works with families and volunteers, with a focus on supporting people with complex issues and to help prevent or reduce injuries and save lives of others. Service users include:

  • Families of young people involved in gun and knife crime
  • People that have suffered bereavement
  • Families affected by physical or mental disabilities
  • People affected by substance misuse
  • People affected by domestic violence or childhood abuse
  • Families isolated because of language, cultural or other barriers

Through providing learners in the most disadvantaged, at risk and/or marginalised families (including refugees, people with BME backgrounds, lone parents or careers, family of young offenders) with the knowledge and skills to identify health problems and be aware of how to deal with basic first aid issues, gun and knife wounds, alcohol abuse and paediatric health issues that affect their family and friends, Redeemer Aid aims to promote community cohesion, giving local people the skills to participate within society and making Liverpool a safer place by reducing death and injuries. Working with and bringing together communities from diverse social, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, promoting diversity and challenging racism the organisations outputs are designed to widen participation of adults and increase opportunities for people to engage in accredited training through identifying opportunities in volunteering, accreditation and the workplace. Present at the event were representatives from the Police Service, NHS Trust, Fire & Rescue, the British Red Cross, Community based organisations, residents of Kensington and Fairfield, local Wardens, representatives of other charitable organisation, and sponsors of Redeemer Aid UK.

Redeemer Aid Gun and Knife First Aid Training Session with EPA

Redeemer Aid UK staff delivering Gun and Knife First Aid to 49 youth from the European Play Work Association, youth from 49 European Countries in the Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool, United Kingdom on 15/07/09.

Redeemer Aid ICT Project in Ghana

Redeemer Aid International is a registered NGO and a sister branch of Redeemer Aid UK Courses include software, hardware, multimedia including film shooting, film editing, photography, script writing and editing. Within 5 months of establishment the organisation has offered freed basic ICT training to over 300 students from 4 communities in Ghana, namely: Sowutuom & Santa Maria, Quarshieman, Nima-Maamobi and Madina. The organisation plans to extend its good services to all parts of Ghana and other deprived or less privileged countries and communities across the world.

Redeemer Aid International launch in Ghana, 15/08/09

Redeemer Aid UK successfully launched its sister branch, Redeemer Aid International as a registered NGO in Ghana at the teachers' complex hall, Accra. The charitable organisation believes that the youth constitute the cornerstone of the future. Redeemer Aid UK will therefore develop projects and work in partnership with other organisations and individuals to create the conditions in which young people can fulfil their potential in a fair, safe and secure society. This will include developing training schemes, community activities and social-welfare projects for young people, their friends and family. The organisation intents create opportunities for young people as well as those disadvantaged or marginalised from society, and to create a sense of hope in the lives of those who might have concluded that 'all is lost'. The launch attracted over 300 participants including dignitaries from various ministries, local chiefs, students, and members from various communities, representatives of other organisations, religious leaders and the press. Theme for the launch; 'promoting community safety, involvement and empowerment'. Over 300 young people registered for the ICT programme after the launch.