About Us

Our Purpose

  1. To advance in life and help young people in particular but not exclusively those of African descent through:
    (a) The provision of recreational and leisure time activities provided in the interest of social welfare, designed to improve their conditions of life;
    (b) Providing support and activities which develop their skills, capacities and capabilities to enable them to participate in society as mature and responsible individuals.
  2. To provide or assist in the provision of facilities in the interests of social welfare for recreation or other leisure time occupation of individuals who have need of such facilities by reason of their youth, age infirmity or disability, financial hardship or social circumstances with the object of improving their conditions of life.
  3. To relieve poverty and sickness, preserve and protect the good health and advance education in particular but not exclusively in Ghana and India.

Our Vision

The vision of Redeemer Aid is one of a fair, safe and secure society where community partnerships are restoring hope for all.

Mission Statement

The charitable organisation believes that the youth constitute the cornerstone of the future. Redeemer Aid UK will therefore develop projects and work in partnership with other organisations and individuals to create the conditions in which young people can fulfil their potential in a fair, safe and secure society. This will include developing training schemes, community activities and social-welfare projects for young people, their friends and family

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